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Why choose TheLinuxStore.ca?

Because we care about your freedoms and we work hard to protect them. We do this partly by contributing to the Free Software Foundation. If you are not familiar with this foundation, I strongly recommended you visit their website and read up about them. We hope to work our way up to become a top donor at the FSF. Our number one priority is to promote and advocate the use of free software.

TheLinuxStore.ca also contributes funds to many other projects including:
GNOME, Sabayon Linux, CentOS, Knoppix, SecureDVD.

We will soon be hiring developers and other professionals to work on various projects. Our focus is on the home user and the Desktop. We are here to focus on improvements you want to see.

None of our work would be possible without your support. A HUGE thank you to our existing customers. If you like what we are doing or support the virtues of free software, support us by purchasing Linux discs from us or purchase one of our Linux bundles.

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