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Damn Small Linux 4.0

Damn Small Linux 4.0


After several months and 5 release candidates of upgrades and retooling DSL to additionally provide drag-n-drop document-centric computing, I present v4.0. Change log: upgraded kernel from 2.4.26 to 2.4.31; created new support modules: cloop, unionfs, ndiswrapper, fuse, and madwifi in support of kernel change; changed icon/file manager to DFM for drag and drop capability; updated murgaLua to v0.5.5, Nano to v2.0.6; Xpdf to v3.0.2; updated 'Getting Started' to reflect the many changes implemented in 4.0; new dfmext.lua GUI tool for DFM associations; new switcher.lua GUI to switch window managers - JWM, Fluxbox, or SWM; new automatic update of etc.ld.cache for better support of UCI extensions....

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