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MEPISLite 3.3.2-1 RC1

MEPISLite 3.3.2-1 RC1


from release announcement

MEPISLite 3.3.2-1 rc1 has been uploaded to the testing subdirectory at the MEPIS Subscriber's Site. For the first 24 hours, public mirror sites may be out of sync. For up to 15 days, please send feedback to dev@mepis.org

MEPISLite 3.3.2-1 is expected to be final in December. Warren explains the purpose of MEPISLite. "It started as an experiment. We designed MEPISLite to work with old slow hardware and modest new hardware. We were aiming at users who are stuck with Windows 98, or who want to reuse that old box sitting in the closet, or who want good performance with rock bottom new hardware." "We were thinking mostly of the needs of family members and those on a limited budget."

The updated MEPISLite has been synchronized to Debian Sarge. Some of the included applications are KDE 3.3.2, KOffice, Firefox, Thunderbird, Amarok, Kplayer, Skype, and a good assortment of games. The MEPIS kernel is also the DCC version of Debian kernel 2.6.12-10 which has enhanced builtin hardware support. The MEPIS 2.4.29 kernel is still available in this release, for those who need it. The 2.4 kernel is not DCC compliant.

Users of earlier versions of MEPISLite, who want to manually synchronize their machines to Debian Sarge, can get help by contacting the great people at the MEPIS forums at mepis.org and mepislovers.com.

Test releases of MEPISLite are available for free download from public mirrors in the MEPIS testing directory. Final releases are available for download by MEPIS subscribers and as boxed products from the Technalign reseller network.

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