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Zenwalk Linux 1.3

Zenwalk Linux 1.3


from release announcement:

The stable Zenwalk Linux 1.3 is available as a CD-ROM ISO. More than a hundred packages have been updated, including kernel with Reiser4 support. Many new features have been added. The fast and complete XFce desktop environment (4.2.2) has been updated with the new Xffm file manager ( that allows desktop icons and 'icon view' mode of operation. Zenwalk is leaning towards the GTK toolkit API and provides its own gnome-libs packages (2.10.2), but runs both GTK and QT environments at will. Installing and running KDE as your primary desktop is optional. Zenwalk 1.3 is a complete desktop and multimedia environment including a host of graphical (GTK) system configuration tools.

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