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Ubuntu Ultimate Edition 2.6

Ubuntu Ultimate Edition 2.6


Ultimate Edition is an Ubuntu-based live and installation DVD with hundreds of extra packages, pre-configured media codecs and custom artwork. Version 2.6, based on Ubuntu 10.04, was released today. From the release announcement: "Ultimate Edition 2.6 is fast and lacks no feature. Wireless was my number 1 concern, it works out of the box. I have embedded many features I am certain you will be glad to have. I will be honest in informing you that some of you ATI users will be capable of firing up Compiz Fusion (all GPUs will be supported in the same aspect in the future). I have introduced Cheese for you webcam users. Cinelerra, K3d and Kdenlive are just a few new tools in this release. We have put GIMP back in as well. There are tools that go well beyond the call of duty. I will not tell you what Ultimate Edition 2.6 has in store for you. Take it for a spin you won't be sorry."

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