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VectorLinux 5.8 "SOHO"

VectorLinux 5.8 "SOHO"


from release announcememt:

  The long awaited VectorLinux SOHO 5.8 is ready for the taking. It includes a custom SMP kernel, compiled with bootsplash, Squashfs, LZMA, and realtime patches. It supports reading and writing to NTFS-formatted media via Fuse and ntfs-3g. The desktop environment is KDE 3.5.6 with KMyFirewall, Amarok 1.4.5, and OpenOffice.org 2.2. Multimedia applications, such as VLC 0.8.6a, MPlayer 1.0rc1, K3b 1.0.1 and graphics editors, such as GIMP 2.2.14 and Xara Xtreme 0.7 are also included. Printing is supported by CUPS with hpijs drivers for HP printers, and Gutenprint drivers for many other popular printers. There is a whole new look and feel, from the boot menu to the desktop.

release announcement

About Vector Linux
Vector Linux is a small, fast, Intel based Linux operating system for PC style computers. The creators of Vector Linux had a single credo: keep it simple, keep it small and let the end user decide what their operating system is going to be. What has evolved from this concept is perhaps the best little Linux operating system available anywhere. For the casual computer user you have a lightening fast desktop with graphical programs to handle your daily activities from web surfing, sending and receiving email, chatting on ICQ or IRC to running an ftp server. The power user will be pleased because all the tools are there to compile their own programs, use the system as a server or perhaps the gateway for their home or office computer network. Administrators will be equally as pleased because the small size and memory requirements of the operating system can be deployed on older machines maybe long forgotten.

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