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Foresight Linux 1.3

Foresight Linux 1.3


  The Foresight Linux team is happy and proud to announce the release of Foresight Linux 1.3. New features: this is the third Foresight Linux release with GNOME 2.18 and contains minor fixes and improvements; Beagle 0.2.17, tweaked for Foresight Linux; we have upgraded Epiphany web browser to version 2.18.2; the outdated 'Firstboot' mechanism has been replaced by our modified version of autoconfig from Knoppix; Pidgin updated to version 2.0.1; X.Org 7.2, the new graphical server makes it easier for users by automatically installing monitors and video cards without editing configuration files; the latest Compiz 3D window manager, installed by default....

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