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Zenwalk Linux 4.6

Zenwalk Linux 4.6


release announcement:

The Zenwalk Team is happy to announce that Zenwalk 4.6 (code name 'Red Pill') has been released. The up-to-date kernel is now at, providing KVM support. New init scripts and several performance enhancement have also been committed. The Xfce desktop is provided in version 4.4.1, with notification support to let systems like udev notify the user about auto-mounted devices (USB keys, DVD...). The Thunar file manager now handles video thumbnails and many new panel plugins have been added or updated. X11 compositing (aka translucency, window shadows...) is available out of the box. The most important change in 4.6 at system level is the new tool chain, with GCC 4.1, which has been fully implemented.

release announcement

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