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Zenwalk Linux 4.8

Zenwalk Linux 4.8


release announcement:

The Zenwalk Team is happy to announce the Zenwalk 4.8 release. After several release-candidates, it seems that we are ready for a very stable release. Kernel is now at, with its new wireless stack, tickless clock and 1000 Hz scheduler for better reactivity while lowering power consumption (ideal for laptops). Talking about applications, the very visible change in 4.8 is the substitute of Firefox and Thunderbird into the equivalent GNU licence versions, named Iceweasel and Icedove. Video and X.Org auto-configuration has been improved to handle wide-screen monitors as well as to provide full features for Synaptics touchpads. The fine-tuning of the user interface continues with new desktop artwork, new bootsplash.

release announcement 

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