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VectorLinux 6.0 "Light"

VectorLinux 6.0 "Light"


from release announcememt:

"The VectorLinux team is pleased to announce the final release of VL 6.0 Light. Light is aimed at users with some Linux experience. It is biased towards technical simplicity and high performance. Based on VL 6.0 Standard, the most resource hungry applications have been removed or replaced with lighter alternatives. Running services are kept to a minimum. The default user interface is IceWM with PCManFM as your file and desktop manager. The alternate window manager is JWM. Opera provides a fast and standards-compliant web browser with Flash Player 10 and MPlayer plugins, as well as e-mail and BitTorrent clients. Firefox is also available. For local multimedia playback you will find XMMS, GMPlayer and Xine."

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