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SystemRescueCD 1.3.4

SystemRescueCD 1.3.4


"Updated the standard kernels to Linux with btrfs update from 2.6.32; updated the alternative kernels to Linux; updated X.Org Server to version 1.6.5 (graphical server and drivers); Updated NTFS-3G to 2009.11.14 (standard release); updated gDisk to 0.5.1 (gDisk is a GPT partition table manipulator); updated FSArchiver to 0.6.2 (default, stable version); added FSArchiver 0.6.3-beta10 (alternative, beta version); added scsiadd which allows to add and remove SCSI devices; added suspend-usb-device script to safely disconnect USB disks; Memtest+ 4.00 is now booted as a kernel to fix issues; replaced AIDA with HDT 0.3.6 (hardware detection tool floppy disk image)."

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