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Ubuntu Ultimate Edition 2.6 Gamers

Ubuntu Ultimate Edition 2.6 Gamers


"Ultimate Edition Gamers has been around for some time; however, this is the first time a page has been written for it. Our latest release 2.6 was built by Benjamin Breeg; he intends to make a PS/3 Ultimate Edition. Ultimate Edition Gamers is built off Ultimate Edition 2.6 with all updates pre-installed and a few games also pre-installed for your convenience: Urban Terror and extra maps, Aisleriot Solitaire, Atomic Tanks, Battle for Wesnoth, Boswars, Chromium B.S.U., Gbrainy, Glest, Gridwars, Mahjongg, Mines, Neverball, Play on Linux, Quadrapassel, Scorched 3D, Suduko, Warzone 2100."

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