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Puppy Linux 5.3 'Racy'

Puppy Linux 5.3 'Racy'


"Wary Puppy 5.2.2 was released on 18 November 2011 (also Racy Puppy made his début). Since then, there has been the usual feverish pace of development. We now have a significant upgrade, hence the version jump from 5.2.x to 5.3. Wary Puppy is our build of Puppy Linux targeting older hardware. Racy Puppy made a début at the previous release (5.2.2) and is 'Wary on steroids' -- identical except with later X.Org and kernel, to suit more recent hardware. Version 5.3 has a fairly small number of application upgrades, however there are fundamental changes at the infrastructure level, that is, the 'Woof' level - in particular, pervasive support for internationalization, plus a multitude of bug fixes. There are now 'langpacks' available for many languages."

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